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There are thousands of approaches you can take for the content and the process by which you design (or have designed) your web site. Time and cost budgets, as well as the goals for your site, will have strong influence on the complexity and design depth of your site.

You choose how much/little you want to be involved in the design

You choose how much or little you desire to be involved (and spend!):

  1. Create your site all on your own - utilize our economical
    web hosting
    services:  you design and maintain your own site.
  2. Split the efforts with us: Have us host and do the initial design of your web site, and you can do any of the following:
    • Supply images (digital files(jpg, etc.), slides, negatives, prints)
    • Supply text ready to insert
    • Once your site is designed by us, you can make minor edits on your own using Macromedia's Contribute tool - no need to learn html or web technology. Using Contribute is similar to editing in Microsoft™ WORD.
    • Custom plugins tailored to your business
  3. We can implement it all-- Have us host, design, and maintain your site.

See tips on determining your own web content, and some detailed steps for how to collect your thoughts and materials to get started with your web site.

In addition to the technical and aesthetic aspects of your web site, we are also able to assist in other aspects such as marketing, photography, copy-editing, and helping you get more presence on the web. See some of the details below which highlight our graphic design, photography, and musical expertise areas.

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